Guest Experts

We have clients who use podcasting as their sole marketing strategy and have 1,000% ROI!

Be a guest expert on podcasts if you want to reach your target audience, convert listeners to customers, position yourself as an expert and thought leader in your field. The know, like, and trust factor phenomenon is real. Podcasting is a smart and effective way to leverage that.

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Podcast Hosts

Already host a podcast? Great! We source amazing talent for you to interview on your show.We only book fascinating storytellers, exceptional interviewees who offer solid content and value to your audience.

We've booked everyone from astronauts to billionaires to relationship experts to newsmakers, celebrities and viral sensations.

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With a combined 30 years experience working in radio and TV, we are veteran talent bookers and producers. This isn't something we fell into a few years ago. We're highly educated, experienced, and have earned our stripes as on-air talent, radio show producers, copywriters, audio editors, content creators and every aspect of audio producing. We've booked thousands of podcast and radio interviews.


Siris XM, Conversations with Maria Menounos, Al Roker Productions, Afterbuzz TV,  Miramax, Buena Vista, Foxtel, Mamamia Women's Network, Jonsey & Amanda (ARN), Dash Radio, Zap2It,  The Newspaper Works, and the Super Radio Network.

The Talent Squad Team

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So you want to be a guest expert on podcasts? Are you a podcast host and need fascinating guests? Great! Join The Talent Squad.