wish you had someone to keep you on track?

  • Got ideas but don’t quite know where to start?
  • Scared to take the next step?
  • Aren’t sure if what you are doing is pure genius or utter stupidity?
  • Need someone to help you with accountability, timelines & deadlines?
  • Someone who truly ‘gets you’ and believes in your vision just as much as you?
  • Seriously, do you just need to actually ‘do it’?

I’m your Fairy Godmother! 

Your ultimate ideas woman,  cheerleader, gut check, and even your conscience.

I exist to help you get it done.  

Hyper-focused Sessions (ALL ABOUT YOU): 

If you want a tell-it-like-it-is approach to making it happen and getting it done – have me on your side! I’m a 24/7 ideas generator like you’ve never experienced. I’ll help you organise, curate, design, streamline, and keep you on track with timelines, deadlines and recalibration so you actually do the doing and reach your goals.  I’m straight up with a touch of fairy dust.


1. Goals: 
  • Overall goals & where you’re heading.
2. Gameplan:
  • What does success look actually look like?
  • Craft your personalized strategy.
  • Timeline & milestones with measures for success.
3. Secret Sauce Systems: 
  • Templates, checklists and strategies.
4. Go Time!:  
  • Okay, let’s do this.  Action time.
  • Set priorities so you can A) Dive in B) Ditch it, and C) Delegate it.
  • I’ll actively check-in.

5. Recalibration:  

  • Regularly assess what’s working/ what’s not and recalibrate accordingly.

What YOU GET: 

  • Guidance, support, and structure
  • Creative strategy: Brainstorming like you’ve never experienced (ever).
  • Insight, practical tips, and suggestions. (100% on your side tell-it-like-it-is).
  • Written follow-ups after every session with action steps.
  • Accountability measures: check-ins, checklists, milestones & timelines.
  • Success metrics: 90-day sprints & recalibrations. (never feel like you’re going nowhere)
  • Just in time support between sessions. Mini-sessions for on-the-spot laser focus coaching around a challenge. (Got a problem? let’s solve it)
  • Connections to other clients and influencers as appropriate. (Super connector)
  • Relevant resources & templates from my toolkit.

Fairy Godmother Values: 

  • Give a sh*t!
  • Risk it for the biscuit
  • Radical transparency
  • Radical candor
  • Results over excuses
  • Reverse engineer & customize
  • Make it happen. Take Responsibility. Outcome orientated.


Option A (Hustler):  

  • Private session: 1 x 55-minute one-on-one session a month.
  • Skin in the Game: $297 month

Option B (NAIL IT):  

  • Private sessions: 2 x 55-minute one-on-one sessions a month.
  • Skin in the Game: $497 month

Option C (SQUAD GOALS):  

  • Private sessions: 3 x 55-minute one-on-one sessions a month.
  • Skin in the Game: $677 month


  • VIP status
  • Private sessions: Weekly x 55-minute one-on-one sessions.
  • Skin in the Game: $997 month.

 Seriously, Let’s do this! 

  • Imagine this exact day next year.
  • What if you keep doing exactly what you’re doing?
  • What would it be like if we worked together?
  • Remember, you can’t make excuses and learn at the same time!