Can't I just book myself?

Sure! We've created the Podcast Guest Kit with our step-by-step process so you can book yourself. 

Who is a podcast booking agent right for?

Our clients are brands, PR agencies, networks, and 6-figure+ entrepreneurs, authors and service providers. Our packages start at $1K+ per month so if you're looking to get exposure and gain more business as a result. Then talk to us. We also book podcast tours.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No!  Just three months (12 interviews) to get you started and see results. We also offer podcast tours if you prefer to batch your recordings for a book launch.

Can you provide download stats for shows?

Podcast analytics such as downloads, listenership, demographics, and TSL (time spent listening) aren't public record and only available to the podcast host and the hosting company. We use a set of criteria to assess each show we pitch.

I only want to be on HUGE shows. Can you get me on Tim Ferris?

We've certainly booked client's on bigger shows. However, producers also have strict criteria for selecting their guest interviews so often your public persona/ following needs to be on par with the show. 

Our goal is to place you on shows that have a highly concentrated number of listeners who are your ideal client. In our experience, this converts at a higher rate.

There are other podcasting agencies who are cheaper/ more expensive. Why should I choose you?

We have 30+ years of professional media experience, a background in commercial radio, produced multiple #1 ranking podcasts on the iTunes charts in the past 12 months, and have 5,000+ hours live on-air broadcasting experience.

We haven't just popped up, produced a few shows and clocked a couple of hundred hours on air. We are senior-level producers with backgrounds in commercial radio and elite graduate-level media training

I'm a host, will you find guests for my show?

Yes! Over the years we've booked fascinating guests for our podcast hosts including billionaire founders, politicians, scientists, bestselling authors, TV personalities, coaches, psychologists, medical professionals, viral sensations, and entrepreneurs.

Tell us what you need and we'll source outstanding talent for your show.

I have clients of my own, can you book them?

Yes! We work with PR agencies, brands and podcast networks.