Are you curious about how to get yourself, your client, or your business on a podcast? You’re in the grind, you’re busy, your time is limited and you don’t want to spend hours vetting shows, pitching and following up. You’re looking for meaningful exposure to your niche audience.

The Talent Squad works with you to find your hook and get you interviewed on podcasts. We work with you to truly understand your business and personal expertise. We’ve book thousands of podcast interviews and utilize our media contacts built up over more than a decade to get you media attention. Having worked in the media and entertainment industries for more than 16 years, we know the industry from the inside out.

We help you cut through the clutter and secure the podcast bookings you want and deserve.


There’s no square pegs in round holes here at Talent Squad. We spend significant time carefully researching the best podcasts and hosts to highlight your expertise and reach your target audience. We have strict requirements podcasts must meet before we’ll consider pitching you.


Having booked more than 2,000 podcast interviews we know how to get past gatekeepers and speak to the right people. We’ll craft a pitch that best highlights why you offer and why you are the perfect fit for the podcast.


Pitching podcast hosts is not a one-and-done process. Often multiple well-timed follow-ups are needed.


Every Talent Squad guest expert is set up with a personal calendar link that is used to schedule podcast interviews. Once the interview is confirmed, we coordinate the recording date with the host before handing over direct guest-to-host communication. In the case where the host prefers to schedule direct we’ll introduce you so you can correspond directly.