The success of your podcast depends on the quality of your guests and we specialize in helping you land the interviews you need. We don’t think like publicists, we think like podcast producers. At the Talent Squad we know exactly what goes into making a podcast and are always considering all the moving parts. We take care of the guest vetting, pre-interviewing, and provide the bios, head shots and work with the guest prior to the interview in order to to cross-promote your podcast.


You’ll have a dedicated booker to look after you. No bouncing around between multiple people.

SOURCING Guest interviews

There’s no square pegs in round holes here at Talent Squad. We spend significant time carefully researching the best guests and have strict requirements on who we’ll accept.


Having booked more than 1,000 podcast interviews we know how to get past gatekeepers, speak to the right people and find those diamond in the rough guests. We’ll craft a compelling pitch that explaining to guests the benefit of being interviewed on your show.


Pitching podcast guests is not a one-and-done process. Often multiple well-timed follow-ups are needed.


Every Talent Squad podcast host is set up with a personal calendar link that is used to schedule podcast interviews. Once you approve the guest and the guest agrees we confirm the interview and coordinate the recording date with the guest before handing over direct communication to you. We’ll ensure guests are fully briefed on your show and are prepared for the recording. We’ll arrange for you to receive the guest’s headshot, bio for you to craft the introduction, Skype ID and relevant details such as special audience giveaways.