Our Approach

Guest booking is all about researching, sourcing, matching, and aligning guest experts with the right podcasts to reach the target audience.

Talent Squad has a strict criteria and vetting process for booking experts on shows. We certainly have a robust database of podcasts hosts we've worked with over the years but our service is far from plugging holes. We are all about hand-selecting the right platform, host and audience for our guest experts.

We provide podcast hosts with fascinating guests who will dazzle your audience and make them want to come back episode after episode to discover who you'll interview next. Our guest vetting process is equally as stringent. We have a criteria that interviewees must live up to in order to be considered for your show.


For Guest Experts:


We've booked podcast guest experts in the following fields:

Law, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, mindset, tax, relationships, career change, financial planning, retirement, college scholarships, personal finance, bodybuilding, mompreneur, stock market, olympic boxing, sales, content marketing, digital marketing, productivity,  small business, systems, franchise, eCommerce, health, wellness, food sensitivity, LGBT issues, work anywhere lifestyle, medical marijuana, seduction, persuasion, dentistry, chiropractics, IVF and fertility, pregnancy and birth, CPR, safety, pediatrics, midwifery, doula, and obstetrics.

We research and source shows that suit your exact area of expertise. 

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For Podcast Hosts

We've booked fascinating guests for podcast hosts on the following topics:

Sports, entrepreneurship, interior design, alternate investing, charity, health and wellness, yoga, business sales, podcast engineering, women in business, service businesses, fertility, pregnancy and birth, science, and relationships.

Guests we've booked include New York Times best selling authors, newsmakers, politicians, elected officials, journalists, actors, musicians, musical theater performers, activists, billionaires, olympiads, and global viral sensations.

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Next Steps...

So you want to be a guest expert on podcasts? Are you a podcast host and need fascinating guests? Great! Join The Talent Squad.